Ghost Hunting Equipment Kit : A Perfect, Cheap Starter Kit for Beginners and Enthusiasts. (Review)

Ghost Hunting – A New Frontier to Explore

Paranormal Investigation or the fun way to say it – Ghost Hunting, has really emerged from the shadows of seedy superstitious magazines and now captures the attention of many scientific communities and the number is steadily growing.

One of the main reasons for this paradigm shift has been the emergence of Ghost Hunting Tools that are focussed on gathering scientific, measurable data that gives credibility to the whole phenomenon.

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As the community grows, who is to say, What else will be discovered? All we can safely is that – “What we know” about the Universe is a tiny speck compared to “What we don’t know?”

Where to buy Ghost Hunting Equipment?

For someone starting out in this field, it can be quite challenging to figure out all the Ghost Hunting Equipment out there.

That is why, Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with “Ghost Tech” Spy Gear is a great equipment Kit for someone looking to get started.

This Review contains list of these ghost hunting equipment and What they do?

Ghost Hunting Equipment Kit

What is included in the Kit?

  1. GaussMaster EMF meter (measure EMFs) – In theory, paranormal manifestations are always accompanied by a sudden, unexplainable change in the Electromagnetic Field. This device helps you measure that flux accurately.
  2. Portable Motion Sensor (detect motion in complete darkness) – Keeps track of any movement in the darkness that are beyond the capability of our eyes to detect.
  3. EVP Recorder (capture EVP sounds) – One of the best tools for capturing paranormal activity, it captures disembodied sounds that can be played back immediately for analysis.
  4. Infrared Pen Type Thermometer (measure surface temperatures) – Another great tool for a budding Ghost Hunter. Usually, paranormal activities leave fluctuation in temperature on the surfaces of objects.
  5. Geo-phone (monitor unseen surface vibrations) – To measure all the subtle vibrations that accompany paranormal phenomenon. Usually, undetectable to Humans.
  6. “Ghost Tech” how-to book -A complete guide on mastering all the equipments to refine your Ghost Detecting skills.
  7. Deluxe Carrying Case – To make sure all your Ghost Hunting Gear stay safe, night after night of investigations.Get your own Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with FAST SHIPPING =>> Here.

But, Why No Camera?

Now I get asked this time and again. Thanks to the perception created by mainstream media (Movies and TV shows) – It seems that Ghost Hunting means pointing your Nightvision Camera in darkness and capturing a full form apparition.

This creates false expectations and usually leads to disappointment.

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However, the truth is Visual Evidence like that, constitutes less than 5% of all the paranormal phenomenon that one mostly captures.

One needs to develop other senses, both internal and external, through many investigations before the instinct to predict such events become internalized.

That is why, for someone starting out, I always recommend learning to use other devices and developing instinct for it before investing in a good Nightvision Camera.


  • Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with “Ghost Tech” Spy Gear, is a great Ghost Hunting Kit, designed for anybody looking to start out in this field. As a hobby or pofessionally.
  • It includes all the equipment, one needs to scientifically capture the evidence of the paranormal.
  • If you buy all the gear separately, you are looking at an investment of over 200$. Making this kit extremely affordable.
  • Perfect gift for the Halloween and Christmas.


Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with "Ghost Tech" Spy Gear    Final Verdict : 4 out of 5 stars ****


Where can I Buy Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with “Ghost Tech” Spy Gear?

==> You can Buy it directly from the manufacturer HERE.


Good Luck on all your Ghost Hunting Adventures. May you uncover the unknown.

– Akshay Singh.